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Mass in Motion (MiM) is a movement that seeks to lower the risk of chronic disease by supporting equitable food access and active living opportunities in cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. We strive to sustainably improve conditions in an evidence-based way that affects health and equalizes access to the things that keep us healthy.


Currently there are 27 Mass in Motion grantees (offices) across the state, reaching over 70 communities. Within these communities, MiM Coordinators work together with local governments and partner with community-based organizations to make policy and practice changes that make it easier for people to eat better and move more.


Mass in Motion communities work locally to make healthier choices easier for everyone by:

         -   Increasing access to local fresh foods through farmers markets and community gardens, and working with food retailers to offer healthy, affordable food and drink options

            -   Building and expanding open spaces, safer parks, playgrounds and other places to be active

            -  Creating safe neighborhoods with new sidewalks, bike lanes, walkable paths that make roads safe for all users


In Fall River, the MiM Coordinator has an office in Government Center, and spends time sharing information at community events such as Kids-A-Palooza, Winterbridge, and Family Fun Nights at Fall River Public Schools.


MiM-Fall River participates in activities, programs and services such as:

Offering free bike helmets for Fall River young people

Supporting farmers’ markets throughout the city

Facilitating sidewalk and crosswalk improvements

Assisting residents to apply for SNAP benefits

Improving safety for bicyclists on streets and shared use paths

Educating people about the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)Advocating for equitable improvements to open space and play areas


General and statewide info about Mass in Motion can be found at: https://www.mass.gov/orgs/mass-in-motion Residents are also encouraged to contact the local MiM Coordinator for resources and additional info about active living and healthy eating opportunities in Fall River. Please contact Sarah Labossiere at slabossiere@fallriverma.org; 508-324-2405; and on Facebook and Instagram @massinmotionFR.

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